Innovations in Hip Joint Replacement

Innovations in arthroscopic techniques have lead to revolutionary procedures in replacing hip joints. These techniques and advancements have benefited orthopedic surgery by optimizing minimally invasive techniques.

Hip joint replacement by minimally invasive procedure is a highly successful method for both partial and total hip replacement. These techniques offer advantages that optimize surgery success rate for patients whether young adult or senior.

Hip Joint Los Angeles

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Hip Joint Surgery

In circumstances where surgery is recommended, minimally invasive is the preferred option regardless of age. The thought of a simplified surgical procedure combined with less extensive recovery naturally appeals to everyone.

Less invasive methods offer a number of desirable benefits that outweigh other traditional options including:

  • Limited hospital stay
  • Shortened recovery time
  • Limited scar tissue
  • Minimized postoperative pain
  • Decreased chance of complications

Prior to performing arthroscopic techniques on a hip joint, Los Angeles expert orthopedic surgeons explain the differences between minimally invasive versus traditional methods to their patients. The facility’s surgeons regularly explain all the details of a medical procedure to their patients which helps in educated medical decisions.

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Contact Hip Joint Experts in Los Angeles

If hip joint replacement has been recommended to you, it’s critical that you contact an expert orthopedic surgeon. At the Joint Surgery Center of Excellence, orthopedic experts provide advanced and cutting-edge care for your orthopedic need..If your case qualifies for minimally invasive surgery, a surgeon may perform the surgery on an out-patient basis, saving patients the inconvenience and cost of an overnight hospital stay.

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