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At gibsongirlfoundation.org, we have one goal. To provide our readers with the tools they need to achieve as much health, happiness, wellness and fulfillment as they desire. With the daily demands, stresses, disappointments and obligations inherent to modern life, it can be easy for self care and attention to our own wellbeing to fall by the wayside. Work, family, community, and hobbies are all essential components of a well balanced life, but in order to fully participate and give 100% to the people and activities that matter most, people must have the optimal energy, health and enthusiasm that only a truly healthy mind, body and spirit can provide.

Everything from the appearance of your smile to a serious health problem or condition can impede an individual’s quality of life. Access to accurate and relevant information can be the greatest tool in not only dealing with a health problem or illness should it arise, but also to preventing them from taking hold in the first place, wherever possible. Staying informed and knowing what symptoms to look for, what kind of specialist to see in case of a diagnosis, and what foods to eat to make the most of the body’s natural healing capabilities requires a reliable resource. We aim to be that resource.

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